donderdag 17 april 2014

Videoblog: NWOW Case Study SANOMA: first feedback

Some background: Sanoma Media Belgium is the market leader in women’s magazines. They are part of the Finnish-owned Sanoma Media Group, employing over 15,000 people in over 20 countries.They are the market leader in women’s magazines and its largest title, Libelle, has a circulation of more than 200,000 copies. Sanoma Media Belgium also hosts more than 15 websites and develops more than 15 mobile and iPad applications. Since 2013 they have run their own Digital TV channel and Radio station.

Sanoma was looking for one inspiring new Workspace to bring three locations together to meet, share, innovate and collaborate in an efficient way. They wanted to implement the New World of Work that would stimulate the desired work culture. As part of Sanoma’s plans to reduce facility costs and condense their three offices into a single multi-purpose building, they wanted to fully embrace the New World of Work so that any future technological or strategic changes had a stable foundation.

Sanoma decided to in-source the necessary skills as they required objective, external and experienced suppliers to complete the project within the allocated timescales. I had the privilege to help Sanoma transition to their New World of work by performing the end-to-end program management: the SANOMA ‘OurSpace ’ program (as it was called). It included four tracks: Facilities, Change & Communications, Human Resources and ICT Technology. For more than18 months I was lucky enough to combine a job I love with the support of a team of committed and passionate SANOMA professionals. A consultant's life is often hectic and fraught with change. You meet a lot of interesting new people but you also have to say goodbye to a lot of people when a project is finished. Therefore I'm particulary glad that the employees of Sanoma are very positive about their new working environment and the way they now work, as this video testifies.

In this movie, Sanoma shows you the whole process: from the announcement that they would move to Mechelen, the renovation project, the big cleaning up in Diegem and Berchem to the big day when they arrived in Mechelen!

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